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Beautique Arie

The Vision Planner “God’s Plans For This Year of My Life”

The Vision Planner “God’s Plans For This Year of My Life”

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*Once you buy your digital product, you will receive an email with the download link attached. * Important* Make sure that you download the file as a pdf standard document when you import if from Canva into your Goodnotes app. The hyperlinks will not work if they are not downloaded in a pdf standard format. Download the file, open the file in your app (Goodnotes, Canva, etc.), and put it to great use!

Get organized and manifest God’s plans with The Vision Planner. Write down and clarify your goals, then strategize to make them a reality. This planner helps you seize every amazing plan spoken over your life by God. Make this year yours!"


- Completely Digital and Editable Format
- Undated so you can use it year after year
- Goodnotes, Canva, and IOS compatible
- Beautiful custom design
- Aesthetically pleasing, luxe minimalist vibe
- Hyperlinks to help easily navigate between months; pages can be duplicated 



- Bold, eye-catching front cover
- Vision Planner Foundational Scripture Page
- Monthly/Weekly Spiritual Vision Page
- Monthly/Weekly Strategies to Grow Page
- Monthly/Weekly Wealth Vision Page
- Strategies to Grow Wealth Page

- Health Vision Page
- Strategies to get Healthy Page
- Relationship Vision Page
-Strategies to Strengthen Relationships Page
- Career/Business Vision Page
- Strategies to Advance Career/Business Page


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