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Beautique Arie

My Prayer Journal “Coffee and Bible Time”

My Prayer Journal “Coffee and Bible Time”

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*Once you buy your digital product, you will receive an email with the download link attached. * Important * Make sure that you download the file as a pdf standard document when you import if from Canva into your Goodnotes app. The hyperlinks will not work if they are not downloaded in a pdf standard format. Download the file, open the file in your app (Goodnotes, Canva, etc.), and put it to great use!


Are you finding it increasingly challenging to find solace in your prayer time amidst the chaos of life? Do you often catch yourself preoccupied with daily tasks instead of connecting with God? This meticulously designed digital prayer journal is here to transform your spiritual journey. Created during serene late-night moments, accompanied by a comforting cup of coffee, this journal is designed to enhance your relationship with Father God. With its undated format, it can be cherished year after year. Immerse yourself in gratitude, prayers, scriptures, sermon notes, and divine inspirations, all elegantly recorded within this digital planner. Its captivating aesthetics and simplistic navigation make it useful for every woman seeking a deeper connection with God.


- Completely Digital and Editable Format
- Undated so you can use it year after year
- Goodnotes, Canva, and IOS compatible
- Beautiful custom design
- Aesthetically pleasing, luxe minimalist vibe
- Hyperlinks to help easily navigate between months; pages can be duplicated 


- Bold, eye-catching front cover
- Women’s Foundational Scripture Page
- Daily Gratitude Page
- Daily Prayer Prompt Page
- Daily Scriptures Page
- Daily Thoughts Page
- Daily Notes Page
- Monthly Scripture Pages

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